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New Program in Partnership with Good Samaritans Foundation Involves Participation in United Nations International Year of Youth Programs Worldwide!!!

The Admiral Carey Foundation is pleased to be working with the Good Samaritans Foundation in their participation in a broad range of programs focused on youth leadership training and international public policy as a part of the United Nations International Year of Youth: 12 AUGUST 2010 – 11 AUGUST 2011. These programs include the Admiral Carey Foundation funding the participation of a seven-member delegation in attendance at the United Nations Youth Assembly in New York City in August of 2010. Full details on the Youth Assembly and various other U.N. International Year of Youth Programs are available by CLICKING HERE Participation in these United Nations Programs may be arranged in dialogue with Mr. Jordan Spore, Director, U.N. Youth Assembly Participation:

Internships/Fellowships For Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout Washington Scholars Fellowships Alumni Listing

The following listing is intended to provide a chronology of the Eagle Scouts that have graduated from the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs in Washington, DC. The purpose of these programs is to provide Eagle Scouts who are already “proven performers” with a pathway to a future career by serving as a Fellow in Washington, DC, either on Congressional Staff or at federal agencies or in national public policy organizations or various Think Tanks and associations. Full details on how to apply and participate in these programs are available through the link to the Washington Scholars website shown below. These programs are available in partnership and cooperation between the Admiral Carey Foundation, the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs, the Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation, and their and our donors, supporters, contributors, mentors, and advocates. The growing success of these Eagle Scout Programs are the direct result of these organizations and American citizens giving back to American Youth who have proven themselves as young men by achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and continuing to exhibit patriotism and service to America.

CLICK HERE for a listing of the Eagle Scouts who have already graduated from the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program Eagle Scout Project.
Click on the links below for the Admiral Carey Foundation Press Releases related the our Eagle Scout Program:

Eagle Scout Newsletters

The Berlin Veterans Foundation, Inc.:
Admiral Carey grew up in Berlin, WI, a town of 5,000 on the border of Waushara and Green Lake Counties along the Fox River. Actually, his first 13 years were spent on a farm about two miles East of Berlin where the family had a beef and dairy cattle farm along almost a half mile of the river. He remembers the end of World War II and the local men returning from the war, and he can recall his Dad’s stories of World War I when his Dad served in France with the horse cavalry in the 325th Remount Squadron. READ MORE…

The Berlin Journal Featured Article: Carey’s Future Endowment to Aid Berlin Veterans

Flanders Field Veterans Cemetery in Belgium:
The Admiral Carey Foundation, in partnership with the Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation, is working on a special commemorative project involving the American Veterans Cemetery in Flanders Field, Belgium. The program is currently under development and review, with details to be outlined at this site once they are finalized and approved by the GSKT Boards. READ MORE…

Future Leaders for America Foundation & the Washington Scholars Fellowship/Internship Programs:
The Admiral Carey Foundation has reached agreement in principle with the Future Leaders for America Foundation to work together in the area of internships and fellowships through their Washington Scholars Program. The Washington Scholars programs were initially founded during the Reagan Administration and have since brought hundreds of the “best & brightest” young men and women from America’s colleges and universities to Washington, DC to learn how our government functions and to engrain in them the knowledge that THEY can play a meaningful role in the governance and leadership of our country even at their relatively young age. The program has graduated upwards of 200 of these exceptionally bright young students, with almost 50 of them now working full-time in national public policy in the nation’s capitol city, and the balance of the graduates returning to their undergraduate university to finish their degree studies, or in graduate school or law school or working on their doctorate. The objective of these programs is to eventually have ALL of these outstanding young leaders return to Washington, DC to involve themselves and hopefully consider a career in helping to lead and govern the nation in programs that are structured in the best interests of our citizens and the continued prosperity of our country. All who read these words are encouraged to alert your sons and daughters, grandsons and grandaughters, nieces and nephews, and friends and colleagues of these outstanding programs and this tremendous opportunity for EACH of them. Further details are available at the following URL’s:

  • Photos of 2008 Summer Washington Scholars Graduation Ceremony and Reception
  • Photos of 2009 Spring Washington Scholars Graduation Ceremony and Reception
  • Photos of the Washington Scholars Interns and the Admiral Carey Foundation Board of Advisors in attendance at the 2008 Washington National Debutante Cotillion

Military Veterans Internship/Fellowship Programs:

This program began to take shape in the summer of 2008 during discussions with the Future Leaders for America Foundation and the National Defense Committee. Future Leaders has, in the opinion of this foundation, one of the absolute finest internship programs in the nation, designed and structured to train America’s future leaders for a lifetime of service in national public policy. They have been in operation for well over a decade and have already graduated in excess of a hundred of America’s best & brightest college and university students, the vast majority of whom now work in national public policy programs and projects in Washington, DC. READ MORE…

The Admiral Carey Berlin, WI Future Farmers of America Crop Research Project

Admiral Carey has had a close and mentoring relationship with the Future Farmers of America Chapter at his high school in Berlin, WI. A part of that mentorship includes a project whereby the FFA Chapter uses an 8 acre parcel of farmland of Admiral Carey’s that borders the Fox River and was a part of the Carey Family Farm in the 1940’s & 1950’s. The FFA uses the land to research and test various farm crop plantings and crop maintenance methodologies to further their understanding of new and evolving crop systemics that produce improved yields and higher quality products.
It was a grand day for the Crop Research Project with the Future Farmers of America when the sign indicating what the land and project are all about was erected by the FFA Chapter in May, 2009


Berlin Journal

Newspaper photo of Admiral Carey with the Berlin, WI FFA Chapter Officers at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC: July 2010

The Admiral Carey Foundation has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the SILENT KNIGHT program, founded by U. S. Army Colonel [Ret.] Craig Carlson, who is also the author of the book by that same name: SILENT KNIGHT. The SILENT KNIGHT program has a central theme of anonymous individual good works of charity and human caring, exemplified in the book by the retired COLONEL and his wife who spend their lifetime sharing that endeavor with young men and women whom they are mentoring. The beauty of SILENT KNIGHT is that it has now spread to some 26 nations all around the world and results in tens of thousands of individual acts of charity and caring, all done anonymously and for the single purpose of caring for our fellow humans and the betterment of our planet and society and civilization. There are further details on the SILENT KNIGHT Program at their website,, and copies of the book are also available through their website. Our foundation intends to do all in our power to support this outstanding initiative that is open to everyone on Planet Earth who wishes to make a difference and who seeks to do good for others. COLONEL Carlson and his wife Mo are indeed wonderful role models for all to follow as they give of themselves and their time and talent and personal earnings to help those less fortunate. Anyone wishing to contact COLONEL Carlson direct via e-mail can reach him at

Zeta Psi Fraternity Educational Foundation Youth Leadership Training & Education Programs:
The Admiral Carey Foundation has signed an agreement with the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation indicating the foundation’s intent to endow ZPEF for the purpose of funding Youth Leadership Training & Education Programs. Projects under consideration include youth leadership training projects that are a part of ZPEF’s existing Leadership Training Institute and ZPEF’s internship and fellowship support for the Future Leaders For America Foundation and their Washington Scholars Internships and Fellowships in national public policy in Washington, DC.

  • Photos of 2008 Summer Washington Scholars Graduation Ceremony and Reception
  • Photos of 2009 Spring Washington Scholars Graduation Ceremony and Reception
  • Photos of the Washington Scholars Interns and the Admiral Carey Foundation Board of Advisors in attendance at the 2008 Washington National Debutante Cotillion

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