Donor Intent Shared Philosophies

Shared Philosophies of Admiral Carey and distinguished Americans regarding philanthropy & donor intent & restricted grants/endowments

Trust but verify

- President Ronald Reagan

Trust AND verify

- Rear Admiral Jim Carey

Money is like water. It doesn’t matter how much you pour in at the top of the bucket if it is leaking out the bottom

- Rural American saying

If you don’t care if your money goes to support “Vampire Fiction” or “Soap Opera Studies”, you can probably just send a check. But if you want to advance education or leadership in a more sensible way, attach some strings

- Forbes, April 20, 1998

Donors who thoughtfully target their giving give twice: their ideas as well as their money

– John Walters, President
The Philanthropy Roundtable

Life is tough—— it’s a lot tougher if you’re stupid.

- John Wayne, Actor & Patriot

The fundamental problem of philanthropy today is not “dead hand” control. It is donors who meekly follow prevailing wisdom and leave their fortunes to professionals who spend the money on causes they like — which are usually NOT the causes preferred by the donors. Philanthropy needs bolder donors who are unafraid to assert their wills.

- Martin Morse Wooster,
The Great Philanthropists & the Problem of “Donor Intent”

The Admiral Carey Foundation Management Team

Will Brooks
Mr. Will Brooks
Director of Long Range Philanthropy
Admiral Carey Foundation
Jason Nguyen
Mr. Jason Nguyen
Director of Programs
Admiral Carey Foundation
Ms. Hanna Slomianyj
Ms. Hanna Slomianyj
Director of Women's Programs
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