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Admiral Carey Foundation and Future Leaders for America Foundation Work Together With Wisconsin High School

The Admiral Carey Foundation has teamed with the Future Leaders for America Foundation to work together with Berlin High School in Berlin, WI in an effort to further expand the Future Leaders for America Foundation Washington Scholars Internship Programs to a broader segment of the U. S. population. Recently the Admiral Carey Foundation announced an endowment for Future Leaders for America Foundation for the purpose of enlarging their Internship and Fellowship Programs and funding additional participation to a larger number of participants from an increasing number of locations throughout the nation. This article, which ran in the local newspaper in Berlin, WI, does an excellent job of capturing the significance of this program and the essence of the impact that these programs can have on assisting young men and women in the USA to become educated, trained, qualified, and credentialed for a lifetime career in national public policy and to serve as future national leaders. We think you will enjoy the article, and will surely better understand what we seek to promote and support in the way of preparing our nation’s youth for a lifetime commitment to national public policy and/or federal service.

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The Admiral Carey Foundation Management Team

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Director of Long Range Philanthropy
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