The Admiral Carey Foundation Initiative In Support Of Military Veteran Internship/Fellowship Programs

Admiral Carey has agreed that The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation will launch an aggressive fundraising program in support of specialized internship and fellowship programs designed to provide America’s wounded veterans with unique training that will qualify them to seek careers at federal agencies and as Congressional Staff. While there are existing laws that support veteran’s hiring for federal jobs, all too often these positions require Congressional experience or federal agency experience, something almost none of our veterans have since they were wounded while serving on active duty in our armed forces. As such, they are faced with a circumstance often referred to as “CATCH 22″, whereby there are laws encouraging that they be hired in federal jobs but those jobs often require prior experience which they do not have and have no way to acquire without being hired. This program is designed to solve this roadblock for them and provide the necessary experience and qualifications to make them desirable and qualified candidates to be hired for these positions.

In particular, these programs would hope to provide a solution to the need for military and defense combat experience on Congressional Staffs. It is a documented fact that the number of Members of Congress with military experience has been on a steady decline ever since the Korean War, a situation that cannot easily be resolved given the huge cost of running for public office and the fact that most veterans do not have the financial wherewithall to afford to do so. But they DO have tremendous firsthand experience in combat and military operations and military and veterans healthcare, something the Congress truly needs in order to fashion legislation and programs that support our armed forces and our veterans, based on actual needs identified by these veterans who have real-world up-to-date experience with the military equipment and programs and systems involved. The only roadblock to these veterans being hired as Congressional Staff is their lack of Congressional Staff experience, and these programs now solve that problem.

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The Admiral Carey Foundation Management Team

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