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Eagle Scout Washington Scholars Fellowships Alumni Listing

The following listing is intended to provide a chronology of the Eagle Scouts that have graduated from the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs in Washington, DC. The purpose of these programs is to provide Eagle Scouts who are already “proven performers” with a pathway to a future career by serving as a Fellow in Washington, DC, either on Congressional Staff or at federal agencies or in national public policy organizations or various Think Tanks and associations. Full details on how to apply and participate in these programs are available through the link to the Washington Scholars website shown below. These programs are available in partnership and cooperation between the Admiral Carey Foundation, the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs, the Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation, and their and our donors, supporters, contributors, mentors, and advocates. The growing success of these Eagle Scout Programs are the direct result of these organizations and American citizens giving back to American Youth who have proven themselves as young men by achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and continuing to exhibit patriotism and service to America.

CLICK HERE for a listing of the Eagle Scouts who have already graduated from the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program Eagle Scout Project.

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Photo of Rear Admiral Carey and the Chicago, IL 2012 Eagle Scout Class Named After Him

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