Internships/Fellowships For Eagle Scouts

Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell Awarded Eagle Scout Rank in 1998,

Washington Scholars Class: Class of 2010

Chair Held: The Aurora Foundation Chair for the Study of National Intelligence Services

Fellowship Service: Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs

Education: University of North Carolina at Wilmington (2011) Major: Business Management Minor: Middle East Islamic Studies.

Additional Scouting Honors: Order of the Arrow, I am currently an Assistant Scout Master in Wilmington, NC with Troop 224

Kevin Powell

Washington Scholars Fellowship: My Fellowship with the Washington Scholars Program has exceeded my expectations and provided me opportunities that I would not have been able to receive anywhere else which will play a vital role in helping me achieve the career I desire.

Scouting Background: I was in Scouting from Tiger Cubs all the way to earning the rank of Eagle Scout. During my time as a Scout I was in several different troops from Virginia to Colorado and I enjoyed every minute of it. I learned so many things in Scouting that gave me the tools I needed to survive during my three tours to Iraq with the Marine Corps as well as the rigorous schools I attended like the Bridgeport California Mountain: Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape School (Mt. S.E.R.E). I also learned the importance of helping your fellow man whether in a far away desert land or right here in the United States of America.

Future Plans: I will return to UNCW to finish my undergraduate degree, and then plan to continue my service to our country as I seek a career path in the Defense or Homeland Security field as well as staying involved in my local Scout Troop.

Gavriel Swerling

Admiral Carey Awarded Eagle Scout Rank in 2007, Troop 792, Baltimore, Maryland

Washington Scholar Summer Class 2010

Funding Source for all Chairs bearing Admiral Carey’s Name

Fellowship Service: N/A

Education: University of Maryland 2011, Government and Politics

Additional Scouting Honors: Brotherhood of the Arrow, Nentico Lodge

Gavriel Swerling

Washington Scholars Fellowship: Robert Weiner and Associates Political Strategy Group (with Washington Scholars Summer Class 2010, Representative Bart Stupak’s Capitol Hill Office (2009), The Rasmussen Government consulting Group (2006/2007)

Scouting Background: Joined Cub Scouts in 1995, Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader, Order of the Arrow

Future Plans: Gavriel Swerling will graduate from the University of Maryland in Spring 2011 and plans to go to law school the following fall.

A.J. Fluehr

A.J. Fluehr Awarded Eagle Scout Rank in 2003, Troop 177 Wyndmoor, PA

Washington Scholars Class: Summer 2007, Fall 2007

Chair Held: Alumni Relations Chair

Fellowship Service: N/A

Education: Temple University School of Law ‘13, Penn State University ’08 – Political Science

Additional Scouting Honors: Brotherhood Order of the Arrow, Unami Lodge

Admiral Carey

Washington Scholars Fellowship: Summer 2007 – US Oncology, Fall 2007 – Executive Office of the President, White House

Scouting Background: Cub Scouts, Troop 177, Brotherhood Chair Unami Lodge – Order of the Arrow, Counselor – Resica Falls Scout Reservation 2000-2003

Future Plans: Law School

David Arrington

Admiral Carey Awarded Eagle Scout Rank in 2002, Troop 301, Belmont, CA

Washington Scholars Class: Summer 2005

Chair Held: Doug Donaldson Chair for Entrepreneurship

Fellowship Service: U.S. Department of Commerce Technology Administration

Education: University of Washington ’07

Additional Scouting Honors: Order of the Arrow Brotherhood, Junior Leadership Training Camp Counselor

Admiral Carey

Washington Scholars Fellowship: My experience with the Washington Scholars was invaluable. It was a way for me to gain real world experience in an internship that provided new challenges every day. This meaningful internship was backed by a strong community of fellow scholars all pushing each other to excel. This shared desire for excellence brought a real sense of camaraderie to the group. The networking skills that I honed during my time with the Washington Scholars have continually benefited me as I’ve worked to build my business. Being a Washington Scholar provides you with access to a group of high achievers that will work to help you succeed.

Scouting Background: The values and focus of the Washington Scholars is similar to what I experienced growing up in Scouting. There is that same sense of camaraderie built through mutual achievement. My time in Scouting built relationships that have continued to this day. My experience in Scouting allowed me to succeed both in my fraternity life with Zeta Psi, and within the Washington Scholars program itself. All of these organizations share a common purpose; to build solid citizens.

Future Plans: My future career goals include expanding my business, NewSource Organics LLC., to be the premier provider of health and fitness programs, supplements, and coaching on the internet and beyond. Without the networking skills and confidence gained through my experiences with both Scouting and the Washington Scholars I would not be in a position to make my dreams reality.

Stefan Bieret

Stefan Bieret Awarded Rank of Eagle Scout in 1998, Troop 142, Middletown, NJ,

Washington Scholars Class: Class of 2003 and 2004

Chair Held: The Admiral Carey Chair for the Study of Physical Security of the Capitol and the Congress

Fellowship Service: National Defense Committee (2003), Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, The Heritage Foundation (2003) and The Office of the Sergeant at Arms, U.S. House of Representatives (2004).

Education: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Additional Scouting Honors: Brotherhood Membership, Order of the Arrow, Na Tsi Hi Lodge 71

Admiral Carey

Washington Scholars Fellowship: My fellowships with the Washington Scholars were very rewarding and beneficial. It allowed me to gain real world experience alongside professionals who offered guidance and perspective, which fostered personal growth and development. As an undergraduate student making the transition into the real world, I believe the experience and knowledge I gained while a Washington Scholar prepared me for the challenges that were ahead of me.

Scouting Background: After crossing the bridge from Cub Scouts, I joined Boy Scout Troop 142 of Middletown, NJ where I reached the rank of Star Scout. I left Troop 142 to become one of the charter members of Troop 122, also of Middletown, NJ and attained the rank Life Scout. I then left Troop 122, to rejoin Troop 142 where I attained the rank of Eagle. Summer Camp at Forestburg Scout Reservation, Forestburgh, NY (Troop 142 and Troop 122), Resica Falls, East Stroudsburg, PA (Troop 122), Yawgoog Scout Reservation, Rockville, RI (Troop 142). My induction ceremony for Ordeal in Order of the Arrow was in 1992 and my Brotherhood Membership for Order of the Arrow was in 1995.

Future Plans:

Will Wright

Will Wright Awarded Eagle Scout Rank in 1998, BSA Troop 835, Chesterfield, VA

Washington Scholars Class: Summer 2005

Chair Held: Admiral James J. Carey Chair for the study of National Public Policy and Defense

Fellowship Service: Reserve Officers Association of the United States

Education: Virginia Tech, B.S. in Marketing Management, 2003; Virginia Commonwealth University, M.B.A. in Global Business, 2011

Additional Scouting Honors: Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor Recipient, Order of the Arrow Founder’s Award Recipient

Will Wright

Washington Scholars Fellowship: The networking skills I gained during my summer as a Washington Scholar have proved to be invaluable throughout my professional career. They (along with the words “Eagle Scout” on my resume) helped me to obtain my current position as an IT sales professional. I frequently use these skills in my daily affairs to build relationships with new channel partners, vendors, and clients.

Scouting Background: Joined in 1988, Summer Camp at Camp T. Brady Saunders, Goochland, VA; Order of the Arrow Nawakwa Lodge Chief, (1998-1999), Order of the Arrow Section SR-7A Vice Chief, (1999-2000)

Future Plans: Will plans to finish his M.B.A. while continuing his work in IT sales for a small firm in Richmond, VA. After graduate school he plans to use his management skills and years of leadership experience with the Boy Scouts of America, Zeta Psi, and the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program to start his own business.

Andrew O’Brien

Andrew O'Brien Awarded Eagle Scout Rank in 1998,

Washington Scholars Class: 2000 & 2001

Chair Held: Stephen Hartwell Chair for the Study of Business Entrepreneurship; The Admiral Carey Chair for the Study of Constitutional Government

Fellowship Service: US House of Representatives, Small Business Committee and the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation

Education: University of Maryland, College Park; B.A. Government and Politics; 2002

Additional Scouting Honors: Brotherhood Member, Order of the Arrow

Award Article: July 16th, 1999

Andrew O'Brien

Washington Scholars Fellowship:

Scouting Background: Member of Troop 476 of Middletown, MD.  Served as the Senior Patrol Leader for my troop, Crew Chief for my Troop’s expedition to Philmont Scout Ranch, and Senior Patrol Leader for Camp Airy, Thurmont, MD (Accredited BSA Camp of the National Capital Area Council).

Future Plans:

Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Washington Scholars Founder

Admiral Carey Awarded Eagle Scout Rank in 1955, Troop 32, Berlin, Wisconsin

Washington Scholars Founder, Mentor to all classes since program began

Funding Source for all Chairs bearing Admiral Carey’s Name

Fellowship Service: Placement and Mentoring to all Washington Scholar Eagle Scout Fellows

Education: Northwestern University, BS in Business Administration, 1960

Additional Scouting Honors: Silver Award Explorer, Brotherhood Order of the Arrow

Admiral Carey

Washington Scholars Fellowship: Admiral Carey founded the Washington Scholars to provide leadership training opportunities to some of America’s best & brightest college-age men and women, on the premise that many of them are unaware of the tremendous opportunities that exist through national public policy to continue one’s Eagle Scout service to America. He continues that involvement with every new Washington Scholars Class.

Scouting Background: Joined in 1950, Summer Camp at Twin Lakes Scout Camp, Waupaca, WI; Camp Counselor, Twin Lakes Scout Camp; Order of the Arrow Lodge President, Day Noomp Lodge, Oshkosh, WI

Future Plans: Admiral Carey plans to continue his significant involvement in the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs through continued mentorship of ALL Scholars, including those that have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He intends to continue building the program so that it is firmly entrenched into our national fabric and can provide these opportunities for decades and centuries to come.

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